Jasmina Maharjan has been in Sweden visiting her sponsor family Fredi Hedenberg and Pi-Charlotte at Fykan – July 2018

Jasmina has been learning to swim, she has visited Royal Palace, Wasa museum, Sankt Anna and Stockholm archipelago and many other places. Jasmina says; I really like the management system of Stockholm, the clean air and the food. I have also enjoyed all the lakes, the sea and the ocean in the west.


Meena comments after LEC Adv Course – February 2015

Advanced course gave me insight of being really not listening to others and my heart. It gave me the possibility and power to have leadership quality, to see every event and relationship with open heart and mind.

After advanced course, I am able to manage my office effectively, I listen to staff and they listen to me. My office has been appreciated by District Health Office, also by Ministry of health.

I can see all people with much love and compassion so I can understand them more and their behaviour doesn’t affect me negatively at adverse conditions also. I used to be affected very much by someones saying or about their opinions towards me like  ”you look ugly, you don’t manage your room” in a negative way but now I take them as good suggestions.

I couldn’t say no to people and that used to create lots of problems, now I can say no if I cant do something. Life has become easy in this way, sometimes I fail to follow my words, thats upsetting though. I am much more happy and confident now.


Svante visiting Kathmandu – March 2017

Mammorna – November 2016



Bernhard girls – September 2016



Aaistas mom:
Says she is so relieved that she got the support and is really happy her daughter is doing well. She says she feels proud to be a part of Nepal Education.

Pasangs father:
Says that this help has encouraged his daughter to study well and he is tension free as it is a very less amount he has to pay for such quality education. He is thanking NE for helping her be what she is today.

Pragatis mom:
”The help came like a blessing. Otherwise it was not possible for my daughter to be in Creative Academy school.”

Sonishas mom:
”I always depended on my brother because as a helper I earn very less and as I am uneducated and a widow who lost everything – I had to stay in my mothers house and always thought or had a dream of educating my child but it was lost. Then the Nepal Education made my dream come true. Now that she has gotten this support I am so happy and secure that I can’t express, and burst into tears when I was told.
The difference is that if my daughter didn’t get the support she would have been at home or in a carpet factory, but with the support she is in Creative Academy, that is all I can say.”

Subekchyas mom:
”I have become bold and strong with this support as I live all by myself with my daughter in a rented room. I always remember how my daughters sponsors have helped my daughter to be in Creative Academy and I am proud to be a part of it. If this support was not there then my daughters life was finished because with what I earn I would never have been able to send her to a good school.”

Punam mam:
”Seeing my girl in the uniform of Creative Academy (CA) was my dream. The support I have gotten has made my dream come true. I had never thought that this was possible but now it has been possible and this is the greatest change in my daughters life – this support that has been given me.”

Sajuta Situlas mam:
”I cried for three days and told the teacher Sumitra that now with a heavy heart I have to withdraw my child. She showed me that some would help my daughter continue her studies. It was because of your help she is still in CA and we are both happy.”

Rebikas mam:
”I can’t thank God more than what he has done to me and my daughter. I know the support has changed my girl totally as she know she can study where she always wanted to go. Before she used to tell me – mum give me food just one time a day but please send me to to CA. I used to feel so bad every time she used to say that – then Nepal Education came like a God to us – her supporters are great. I feel my daughter is the happiest girl now.”

Kabina and Kanchan mam:
”How can I say what I feel. I feel the whole world getting pulled from me feet when I see my daughters in CA uniform. Both of them are so good in studies and I know it was only because you are helping them be what they are now. Kanchan is big now and keeps telling Nepal Education came like light in our lives and it is true they would have been in the village running after cows and collecting grass, but I see them always running after studies, we are very happy.”

Sarinas mam:
”It was not possible to let my daughter continue her studies as my husband lost his hearing power, but God send the sponsors who not only supported my daughter but also send money for my husbands training of sign language, they provided me food and money when I needed the most. Our lives has changed as now my husband works as he has finished the sign language classes and I am free from the load of paying a large sum of money for fees. We are happy that we are blessed with the support.”

Migyas mam:
”Every time I used to see students of CA passing or walking talking in English I used to think I wished my daughter would also be one of them. I knew sending my daughter to CA was like sending some to another country…. but when I heard about this support I jumped and said God to have answered my prayers and got my daughter here, she is having difficulties in studies and spoken English but she is learning fast and has very good friends to help her.”