Anisha Maharjan


Sponsor: Börje Kraft. Anisha is currently studying in Khowpa college. She lives with her mother and sister and brothers in Bhaktapur. She is a very strong and forward girl in this group. In the very future she wants to be an engineer and be a good person, a good human being. She is very enthusiastic and happy to be in this group and she thanks every one that is involved with this group. Anisha often helps her mother in her mothers shop – a very nice perfume shop.


Bhabika Dangol fick en son den 7 augusti. Vi gratulerar!! augusti 2018

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Sonisha Maharjan har börjat på Bernhard College augusti 2018

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Jasmina Maharjan har varit i Sverige och besökt sin sponsorfamilj Fredi Hedenberg och Pi-Charlotte. juli 2018


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