Ezra Maharjan

ezra_2018-2 ezraEzra eizra

Sponsor: Tommy Sundin.

Ezra lives with her parents in Panga. She was born the 27th of November; she has successfully done her S.L.C and now studying in the Intermediate level. Ezra loves cooking food, reading and traveling to new places. She is also very interested in photography and also listening to music and playing guitar. As per her aim, she says that whatever she will be doing in future she just wants to be good in that work and show her best potential. Ezra’s close friends, her mother, father and other family members encourage her to do the best and she is influenced by them. Ezra feels she has learned so many things being in this program and she says, “My aim is to work harder, get and be inspired, fulfill the dreams of the people who are sponsoring us, fulfill our dreams and try to get success in every step of life.”

From the end of February 2015 Ezra is working as a trainee in a hotel in Malaysia. We wish her all the best!

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