Jasmina Maharjan

Sponsor: Fredi Hedenberg. Jasmina Maharjan lives in Kirtipur, Nayabazar with her mother and brother. She was born 1996. Jasmine is a very enthusiastic girl and she likes to do many activities. She is currently studying Science in Little Angels College in Patan, Kathmandu. She is interested in playing basketboll, painting, art, reading novels and also singing. She is full of energy and want to do good in her studies. Jasmina is very thankful to her sponsor and to Nepal Education for giving her the opportunity to study, to develop her personality being in the group of sponsored girls and to make her future being a good person. Thank you.

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Jasmina Maharjan has been in Sweden visiting her sponsor family Fredi Hedenberg and Pi-Charlotte at Fykan – July 2018

It all started when my sponsor Fredi Hedenberg invited me for a short visit in Sweden. It came as a big surprise to me. I was nervous and excited at the same time because it would be my first time flying to a completely new country, unaware about what would be the days like but I knew that it would be a great experience for me and I was right.

Starting from the very first day as soon as I landed in the land of Sweden until the day I had to go back to my home, there was to learn something new and see something very different every day. All the days I spent there will certainly be one of those moments that I will be cherishing my whole life. I got a chance to live with a family so generous and helpful that I actually felt like I was living in a home. I did not have to face any problems regarding anything because they were so helpful about everything. I could not have any better family like them. They were so lovely to me that words would be very less to thank them. Moving on to the list of things I had done and actually experienced there, is always exciting to tell. I just loved the surrounding which was quite very clean in comparison to where I live. I found it much easier to travel when there was fresh air with clean environment. The first thing I did, well actually it was my family who instated me go for a swim in the nearby lake which turned out to be a very good idea. Gradually, from the lake to the sea and to the ocean I had a chance to dip myself into the water which was quite an experience. I was just enjoying so much at the end of the days. The food was very good too. I tried lot of different varieties of food almost every day. There was always something different to try. I got a chance to visit lots of different places, some of my favorites are city of Stockholm (Gamla Stan), archipelago of Stockholm, Sankt Anna, Fykan (Thanks to Pi-Charlotte), the Royal Palace, the recycling centre, Nacka, Baltic Sea and many more. I did many different activities while I was there and it was really exciting and new and very much fun to do. The wall climbing, biking, kayaking, cooking and tasting new food items, gulfing, boating (in motor boat and rowing boat), swimming, playing volleyball and soccer gulf, sightseeing , hiking and much more that I enjoyed doing so.

Overall, the days I had spend with all the people that I adore are certainly the days to remember. It was a great pleasure being there, meeting so many people and getting to learn many things with them. I thank the team of Nepal education, my sponsor and his family for making ‘visit to Sweden’ actually to happen. Thank you so much. J J

Jasmina Maharjan


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Jasmina Maharjan har varit i Sverige och besökt sin sponsorfamilj Fredi Hedenberg och Pi-Charlotte. juli 2018


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