Jasmine Maharjan

Sponsor: Fredi Hedengren. Jasmine Maharjan lives in Kirtipur, Nayabazar with her mother and brother. She was born 1996. Jasmine is a very enthusiastic girl and she likes to do many activities. She is currently studying Science in Little Angels College in Patan, Kathmandu. She is interested in playing basketboll, painting, art, reading novels and also singing. She is full of energy and want to do good in her studies. Jasmine is very thankful to her sponsor and to Nepal Education for giving her the opportunity to study, to develop her personality being in the group of sponsored girls and to make her future being a good person. Thank you.

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Bernhard students from august 2016 september 2016

From left: Tejeena, Nikki, Carina, Hasina, Kanchan and Shikshya. We wish you all good luck in your more advanced studies!

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Meena comments after LEC Adv Course september 2016

Advanced course gave me insight of being really not listening to others and my heart. It gave me the possibility... Läs mer »

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Jordbävning april 2015

Lördagen den 25 april 2015 klockan 11.56 lokal tid, inträffade en jordbävning som mätte 7,8 på Richterskalan, den största i... Läs mer »

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