Megya Maharjan

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Sponsor: Valerie Binner. Megya was born 2005 and studies in Creative Academy. Her aim is to be a doctor. She likes drawing in computer, and water color painting. Her hobbies are swimming, drawing and playing keyboard. She loves cleanliness. According to her mother, she wants everything in an appropriate place. She hates to mess with her things. She is living with her mother, a single parent. Her father left her mother when she was only 2 years. Mother knittes sweaters and caps and have to depend upon her brothers even for a small thing to buy.


Bhabika Dangol fick en son den 7 augusti. Vi gratulerar!! augusti 2018

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Sonisha Maharjan har börjat på Bernhard College augusti 2018

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Jasmina Maharjan har varit i Sverige och besökt sin sponsorfamilj Fredi Hedenberg och Pi-Charlotte. juli 2018


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