Nebika Maharjan

Sponsor: Björn Lundström. Nebika was born in 1992 and she lives with her parents in Panga. She successfully did her S.L.C level from Janasewa School (the blue school). She is now pursuing her Bachelors level. She loves reading books, dancing, and singing. Nebika is a very good dancer and she has performed in many places. She aims at being a successful professional business woman. She feels that being in this program has made her more open to the public and now she can speak standing in front of mass and speak confidently. She feels very fortunate to be in this sponsorship program.
nebika1_18-2nebika Nebikanebikam


Bhabika Dangol fick en son den 7 augusti. Vi gratulerar!! augusti 2018

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Sonisha Maharjan har börjat på Bernhard College augusti 2018

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Jasmina Maharjan har varit i Sverige och besökt sin sponsorfamilj Fredi Hedenberg och Pi-Charlotte. juli 2018


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