Neema Maharjan


Sponsor: Nova Advokatbyrå. Neema is the second younger sister of Meena. She was born the 13th of October, 1992. She is presently studying in Nepal Law Campus and aspires to be a good lawyer in her near future. She is one the lucky girl all over Nepal who has been successfully been chosen to study Law in reputed law campus of Nepal. Reading books, listening to music and visiting new places are some of her hobbies. She is interested to talk to foreign people, knowing them, talking with her friends, drawing, and watching television and so on. She considers her elder sister Meena as her role model. She says, “I am very happy that I am the part of this most important project that helps and supports us.” She feels lucky to be in this sponsorship project and thanks everyone for everything.


Bernhard students from august 2016 september 2016

From left: Tejeena, Nikki, Carina, Hasina, Kanchan and Shikshya. We wish you all good luck in your more advanced studies!

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Meena comments after LEC Adv Course september 2016

Advanced course gave me insight of being really not listening to others and my heart. It gave me the possibility... Läs mer »

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Jordbävning april 2015

Lördagen den 25 april 2015 klockan 11.56 lokal tid, inträffade en jordbävning som mätte 7,8 på Richterskalan, den största i... Läs mer »

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