Shova Maharjan


I am Shova Maharjan. I am 34 years, energetic lady working as an Architect. I am from panga, Kirtipur, which is known as the city of glory and very rich in Art and Architecture. When I flash back to my past life, it was really interesting and full of challenges. I struggled a lot for study and with the help of very generous peoples, I completed by Bachlore of Architecture in 2010.

Currently, I am working as an Architect in Nepal Government, Department of Archaeology. which works with Conservation, Renovation and Reconstruction works of Monuments. Nepal is very Rich for its Cultural heritages. After the Earthquake of April 25th 2015, a lots of monuments were damaged. Some are totally damaged, some partially while some in fissuring condition. World heritages sites were too badly affected. I am totally engaged in detailed drawing, Estimation, Supervision works of those heritage sites. Monuments are highly decorated and to maintain identity and authenticity of those monuments is the real challenge of my work. My job is really interesting and I am really proud to be in conservation of Nepalese culture, tradition, technology, art and Architecture. I am very thankful to my sponsor Anders Rayman, as well as Madhav lal Maharjan, Nani Maharjan, Svante Strindberg and Pi-Charlotte Strindberg (Nepal Education Family) for proving me intense love and support. Now I am married too and God blessed me with a beautiful baby boy named as Syon Maharjan.


Bhabika Dangol fick en son den 7 augusti. Vi gratulerar!! augusti 2018

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Sonisha Maharjan har börjat på Bernhard College augusti 2018

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Jasmina Maharjan har varit i Sverige och besökt sin sponsorfamilj Fredi Hedenberg och Pi-Charlotte. juli 2018


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