Meena comments after LEC Adv Course

september 1, 2016

Advanced course gave me insight of being really not listening to others and my heart. It gave me the possibility and power to have leadership quality, to see every event and relationship with open heart and mind.

After advanced course, I am able to manage my office effectively, I listen to staff and they listen to me. My office has been appreciated by District Health Office, also by Ministry of health.

I can see all people with much love and compassion so I can understand them more and their behaviour doesn’t affect me negatively at adverse conditions also. I used to be affected very much by someones saying or about their opinions towards me like ” you look ugly, you don’t manage your room” in a negative way but now I take them as good suggestions.

I couldn’t say no to people and that used to create lots of problems, now I can say no if I cant do something. Life has become easy in this way, sometimes I fail to follow my words, thats upsetting though. I am much more happy and confident now.


Grattis Pushpanjali! maj 2018

Pushpanjali Maharjan – är nu klar med sin examen och är färdig mikrobiolog. Hurra, hurra! Vi gratulerar till examen!!

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Laxmi Maharjan maj 2018

Laxmi Maharjan födde sitt första barn den 6 oktober 2017 – en flicka, som döptes till Kabya.

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Åtta flickor har börjat på Mangal-skolan 

I slutet av april 2018 började åtta flickor från Maya-home i Mangal-skolan.

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