Monika Chettri

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Sponsor: Charity Yoga.

Monika Chettri is one of the girls living in Kirtipur in an orphanage home (Maya Ghar). She is an active girl who likes to do various kinds of social works. She was born the 4th of May 2002. Currently, she is studying in Bernard College, a two year program.  She has an aim to become a social worker and wants to help and support the one who is in need. Dancing, singing are her hobbies and subjects like Social Studies and English are her favorite subjects. She is full of energy and wants to help develop the country.Thank you.


Stort tack februari 2020

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GOD JUL och GOTT NYTT ÅR från Nepal Education december 2019

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Svante och Pi-Charlotte har varit i Nepal några veckor under mars/ april 2019

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