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It started with Svante went to Nepal 1994 to make an India-Nepal trip in five weeks. Svante became very fond of the country of Nepal, and when he later met Pi-Charlotte, Svante suggested that the two would go there to hike, which they did 1996.

Pi-Charlotte became as fond of Nepal and its people as Svante , and they both thought constantly about how they could help the local people., The Nepalese people were poor and in difficult circumstances, and even today many people still are. It took a few years and many trips to Nepal before with their friend Madhab Lal Maharjan they created the project Nepal Education - The idea of the project is that training provides new opportunities , The idea was developed by Madhab many years earlier, many years earlier.

Nepal is a small country sandwiched between neighbors India and China (Tibet), and is one of the world's poorest countries. Its area is about one-third the size of Sweden. Here in Nepal 30 live 30 million people . According to the 2001 census 2001, är ca 89,5% Hindus, 5,3% Buddhists and 2,7% Muslims. Nepal has become not only a center for pilgrims, but also a great destination for tourists.

Since spring 2004 sponsoring Nepal Education Nepalese girls and given them the opportunity to train. Happily, there are many people who want to help these amazing and poor Nepali people and / or follow the project, therefore, we created this website.

The girls were first sponsored by us were named Bhavika and Meena. You can read more about them in The girls section. The project pays each girls school fees, school uniforms and extra possible courses between semesters, as well as- all English courses. Since the inception of the project and thanks to our growing list of sponsors 2013 an additional 36 girls 39 have also been included in the program.

Both Svante and Pi Charlotte have regularly, traveled to Nepal many times since 1994. Sometimes we have been in Nepal for shorter periods, such as 5 days at one time 2010, other times for longer periods such as 3 months 2011. On several occasions, we have had friends and family with us to Nepal and then we have combined our visit to see the girls with different trekking adventures in Nepal.

Article in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet Saturday 11 of October 2014:
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Composition of the Board:

Pi-Charlottte Strindberg, Svante Strindberg, Eva Eggemar and Bengt Eggemar.

Learn more about Nepal: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nepal

Read an Article (in Swedish) about us in Året Runt here.

Madhab Lal Maharjan:


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