Kanchan Lama

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I am Kanchan Tamang. Recently living in Copenhagen, Denamark since last October.I am studying Commerce Management in Zealand Academy,Naestved.I have completed my first and second semester .Soon I will be starting my third semester from coming September.

For now ,I want to continue my studies and complete my masters. After completing my studies I will be back to my home land and start working there.For me living in Denmark is like totally different from Nepal.But I have been an independent girl who is managing work,studies,looking after all the expenses and ya of course its not easy too but I am glad that I have able to study in International college and thoug life here is different I am also enjoying and learning lot of things.Thankyou😊


Kanchan Tamang was born 2000. She is the sister of Kabina Lama and lives in Kirtipur with her mother and sisters. They live in a rented room. Her father has moved away from his family. Her mother is a normal housewife and as there are girls in the family, it is hard for them as the father is not supportive. She is a very deserving student. Kanchan studies science in Trichandra college, Kathmandu and she works as an extra-teacher in Creative Academy. She likes to listen to music and reading story books. She is thankful for getting the opportunity to study and develop her talent.

Kanchan moved to Denmark in September 2021 to study commerce at Naestved college, for four years.


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