Liva Maharjan


Liva was born 1997, she has studied in Blue School in
Panga. Liva will have completed her Masters, business management, by
the end of 2021. She lives in Panga with her parents, a brother and a
sister in law – with two children. In her free time she likes to watch

January 2022

I am Liva Maharjan from Panga,Kirtipur.I am product of Janasewa Higher Secondary School( Blue School).I had completed my bachelor level in Management in 2018 from blue school. I struggled alot for my study with the help of very generous people. I did masters degree in business management (MBS) from TU affiliated college . The dream to complete Master degree in management came true at the age of 25 by getting sponsored by Nepal Education.
                   I am indebted to sponsors Anna Hesselman, Pi-Charlotte Strindberg and Svante Strindberg. Getting Sponsorship is like boon to uplift my life better. I hadnt only get to study but I had got so many precious things with big hearts, great mentors who always do encouragement and motivation. I acknowledge Nepal education for giving me the golden support of sponsorship. Being in this program had made me more open to the public and feel very fortunate to be in this program. Nepal education has made me what I am today. This program had taught all of us is If a girl get opportunity and eucation whole family and society can be educate that it helps on factor of women empowerment.
                           Nepal education had became part of our family. They support in any situation. On 25th April 2015 , in Nepal there was an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude whic shake the entire nation, damaging many heritage site, houses collapsed. During those phase I had a great support from Pi-Charlotte Strindberg and Mr Svante Strindberg who help us by providing food, warm blankets, solar lights and some amount of money which made us great support and easy to survive.
                                   I am very thankful to Mr Madhab lal Maharjan, Nanda kumari Maharjan and whole Nepal education family for great support and intense love.


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