Meena Maharjan

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I was born as a first child in a poor family. My childhood passed with much difficulty. No money, no food, no book for school, no cloths, however God has been really merciful to me. I used to get half used exercise books, old books, cloths from my relatives and school itself, because I was always first in class. Nothing stopped me from studying though it was really hard.

When I was in class 8 Madhab sir and Nanda ma’am who are friends of Nepal Education founders and also social workers came to know about me and they came to meet me with new books, new school uniform, oxford English dictionary, and exercise book which was first time in my life. My life had new page then to start for my beautiful future. Soon after that I was introduced to founders of Nepal Education who are also my God parents now – Svante Strindberg and Pi-Charlotte Strindberg, then I started to study English also so hard because I was really bad in speaking English then.

I have two younger sisters who also got sponsored soon after, by Nepal Education, cause my father had too little earning which was not enough to feed whole family. My mother used to feed us with whatsoever was available she is given after her field work. I went to a good school for my higher education called Bernhardt higher secondary school, taking science as main subject and got distinction in higher education. My dream was to become a great doctor and work in remote place of Nepal so I joined medical college Manipal college of medical sciences where I got scholarship from government of education. My college days were always supported by my sponsors who also are my God parents in every way with love care and inspiration. Madhab sir and Nanda ma’am also have been my inspiration all time. I graduated last year as MBBS doctor. Soon after that I worked with Médecins Sans Frontiers/ Läkar Utan Gränser after earthquake. I went for rescue in helicopter in very affected areas, not reachable by road. It was a great experience.

After a month we medical doctors who got scholarship was appointed for earthquake affected areas and I am currently working as incharge doctor of Namdu health post with birthing center where I supervise and work all clinical and management part. I am really greatful to God for giving me my Godparents, Madhab sir and Nanda ma’am as my life makers and source of love, inspiration, care and joy in my life.

I can only be and show my love, respect and greatfulness by doing great work in my profession and in human service.I hope God will help me with that.

Sincerely yours Meena


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