Nebika Maharjan

Nebika was born in 1992 and she lives with her parents in Panga. She successfully did her S.L.C level from Janasewa School (the blue school). She is now pursuing her Bachelors level. She loves reading books, dancing, and singing. Nebika is a very good dancer and she has performed in many places. She aims at being a successful professional business woman. She feels that being in this program has made her more open to the public and now she can speak standing in front of mass and speak confidently. She feels very fortunate to be in this sponsorship program.
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I’m Nebika Maharjan from Panga, Kirtipur, an outskirt town 7 Km from main city Kathmandu, and a product of Jana Sewa Secondary School. I hereby writing my journey of life intriguing with social, personal life significant changes found during 10 years. I’m elder daughter in my family with my lovely sister Debika Maharjan. I grow up in compound family, seems financial inadequate to fulfill big dreams but got love and support unconditionally from family and friends.

Since last 10 years I found myself, I’m the luckiest girl among my family members along with classmates, that I got extra pairs of eyes watching my progresses of my life with full of compassion and empathy in every small steps of educational career. Those pairs of eyes from Mr. Madhab Lal Maharjan and Ms. Nanda Kumari Maharjan acting as of my teacher, guardian put their extra effort to guide me to be a good human being.

My talent, seriousness, innocent, diligent to my study and other school activities drew their attention to uplift my educational status by supporting in weaving tuition fees, stationary and family condition. They introduce my potential to extra ordinary people Mr. Bjorn Lundstrom, Mr. Savante Strindberg and Mrs. Pi Charlotte Strindberg, who supported in my educational curriculum up to this date.

Generally underprivileged person and family never have gut to dream, pursue higher education, but time and space wrapped me with fortune to meet courageous heart and soul to fund and motivate my big dream to achieve higher education goal. Here I am, never made feel sorry for selecting and supporting during whole years of curriculum support.

Past decades, lower middle class families had trends to send their children for work and early marriages, but scenario had changed with my family and me. May be my dedication to my work prevail to meet wonderful souls that put me in extra dimension to see world through.

At the age of 19, I completed my +2 (Higher Secondary Level) educations from Janasewa Secondary School, a prestigious institute of my town. I had done my undergraduate (Bachelor Level) from the Asian Byawasthapan College, Kirtipur. The dream to complete Master degree (Graduate) in management from Central Department of Management, Trivuwan Universisty, Kirtipur also came true at the age of 26. During the teenage life I had faced various problems and challenges. And today, I realized that if I was not able to solve those hurdles through my optimism, patience, dedication along with support from you all, then I couldn’t have become this true Nebika. Now, I’m pursuing professional career in management.

Going through lots of problem and challenge in my life, the nature too gave us challenges on 12th of Baisakh, 2072 (25 April 2015), through economically. There was an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes which shake the entire nation, damaging many

heritage site, many casualties, houses collapsed. Among many houses, my house also collapsed, damaging most of the things. For about one month 35 people used to live together sharing food, shelter and many other things in temporary shelter (Specially inside Nepali Tarpaulin). At that point, I deeply realized and true meaning of the phrase well said by lots of people “sharing is caring”. After almost 2 months living in temporary tarpaulin, we built Corrugated steel sheet with bamboo house of size 15 foot by 12 foot (4.572-meter X 3.6576 meter), which nearly 1 kilometer away from main Panga and my old house. Till this date, we are living in this house with harmony.

Among many people my father, who rely on daily base wooden work for sustaining families lose their jobs due to this major earthquake. For one year, lots of people feel bad luck by this natural calamity, lose their beloved ones, house, properties and jobs. So, our family also didn’t get mercy from forceful quake, we lose our old house and my parents job and lot more. As my father was only the source of income, due to which it made my family suffer from many problems. During the second month after the earthquake I had a support from Mr. Svante Strindberg and Mrs. Pi Charlotte Strindberg. Who help us by giving food, blankets and some amount of money which made some how easy to survive.

It is a good thing that we are still have a temporary shelter to live within but in a Nepali tent is not that easy. We had to face many problems where some problem can be tolerant but there are some which cannot be tolerant. The heat produce inside the tent cannot be tolerant in the summer time. We must switch on the fan for more than 12hrs per day due to which the electricity is more consume. Sometimes in the heavy rainfall the rain is enter inside the tent. Not only in the summer time but also in the winter time we had to face many problems. The coldness inside the tent sometime feels like we are in the Himalayas’. During the entire period of winter seasons, we mostly use the heater for warm. Due to which the electricity bill gets double than of summer time. Our tent is built in our field due to which we also face problem regarding the flies entering the tent special at the night time.

Getting support, I got chance to join different classes and training on computer skills and English language classes. By joining these classes, it made my day to day work flow easy. Before joining the basic computer training classes, I had no knowledge about computer. This class helped me to develop a basic knowledge about computer, where I learned about the Microsoft product, run a computer and typing in proper way. This basic computer training classes was divided into 6 level, but I only did up to level 3 due to the insufficient of time. During the training period of this class l learn to use the MS-word, MS-excel and MS-PowerPoint. This training helped me in my bachelor’s life a lot. While giving presentation, I was easily able to make slides using power point. Also, while writing the reports I didn’t have to face much problems using the MS-word for margining, line spacing, numbering and making table of content.

Government school do not give much priority on the English language, so mine English language was very poor in school life. It was very difficult for me to have conversation in English. And, it was very difficult for me to understand and read the English sentences. Going to English language classes it helped to improve my English very much. I was able to have a fluent conversation. It made also easy to understand and read the English sentences. I was also able to use the proper tenses while conversation. It was a waste of time I used think at the beginning of joining this classes, but it was totally worthy. Even though it didn’t help me directly, it had helped me a lot indirectly.

Since past two years, I’m part of core team Panga Community Library and working part time as Librarian, helping students in studying and extra curriculum activities. I thought, it’s my turn to help other in betterment of education of others, so I joined Community Library team and serving community people through this library. It’s like giving back, what I taken from society.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the Nepal Education Sec. Family who helped me to get the scholarship opportunities. Being a part of Nepal Education Sec. I feel proud and thankful to god. Without being part of it my dream would be incomplete to do master degree.



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