Neema Maharjan

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Sponsor: Nova Advokatbyrå. Neema is the second younger sister of Meena. She was born the 13th of October, 1992. She is presently studying in Nepal Law Campus and aspires to be a good lawyer in her near future. She is one the lucky girl all over Nepal who has been successfully been chosen to study Law in reputed law campus of Nepal. Reading books, listening to music and visiting new places are some of her hobbies. She is interested to talk to foreign people, knowing them, talking with her friends, drawing, and watching television and so on. She considers her elder sister Meena as her role model. She says, “I am very happy that I am the part of this most important project that helps and supports us.” She feels lucky to be in this sponsorship project and thanks everyone for everything.

From Neema Maharjan, october 2019
I am writing here about Advance Course of Landmark Forum which I did in India in October 11, 2019. It was my first time in India I went there for the Advanced course.I don’t know what had happened when I joined Forum. I feel really connected with people though I am not from India. Our Advanced Forum leader  made group in which I found I felt that my win is group win and member of group win is my win. There are various members sharing their problems infront where I found myself standing there and speaking my problems. So I felt connected with people and their problems. What I found from the Forum is there is nothing impossibility in doing anything. That impossibility only occurs in our thoughts and we make impossible such work but of we do by keeping our word and do with integrity then such work are possible (happy). For example I always think that I am not so much talented for any work that kind of  low confidence in my mind and such thing always kept me backward….but after Advance course my thought has changed I don’t think low confidence. Now I see I am possibility of everything. I can  make possibility creating possible things. Another example is my very worried about my family members because my father mother they used to fight. So I always think that if I have husband then I will have to face such situation but now what I get rid is only in my thinking such things are occurring. It may or may not occur in my life. If such things occurs also I am ready to accept fact and move on in my life accepting such fact.Another thing I got from Advance course is before I am very afraid to talk with unknown people. But in Advance course all of people are unknown for me in initial but I got courage to talk with them and share my feelings and experience. It is happy moment for me. A kind of magic happen in my life. Now I can talk with newly face people confidently (smiley).I found myself transformed by the Advance course that I used to take my family discussion as a one of the problem in my life now I am able to convince them in a different way. Advance course made me more powerful to create some new things in my life that instead of thinking I can’t rather saying how can I. So these are a kind of new way of moving in my life making myself alive (inlove).

Neema Maharjan

From Neema Maharjan, august 2019
I got information about Landmark Forum from Pi-Charlotte. Before the Landmark
Forum Program I went through Google about the Forum, there was written that
Forum brings about permanent shifts in the quality of life. I was thinking that how
could it be possible??
After program I got to know that everything is possible if we do things in action
and integrity. I was not confident in speaking in mass but now I found myself
confident in speaking in mass and being self expressed. I used to complain many
things about my life and about myself but after program I got to know myself and
love myself.
Before program I have some incomplete relationship with my sister and father.
Which I was not fully expressing but now I can express fully to maintain relations
with peoples in my life. Before I feel myself low but after program I found in change
in myself. Such thinking is no more in my mind. I am really happy 😊 . I got to
know that If anything I want then I can. There is possibility if we do things in action
in committing my words and being deligent. For example if I want to become a
powerful lawyer then I must have knowledge and deligence towards my work and profession.
So these are things that I got from Landmark Forum. Thank you!


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