Sahira Maharjan

From Sahira:
Let me tell you about myself. I am now, 2021 May, majoring in
education field, I plan to pursue a career in teaching, with longterm
goal to become a teacher. Currently I am enrolled in Bachelor
Education – first year out of three, in Mangol Multiple Campus and my
goal is to graduate from Tribuvaran University, Kathmandu. I am on my
way to achieve my goal.

I hope that I one day will be able to help struggling students reach
their goals  in higher education by assisting them in the same way
that I have been helped.

Thank you!
Sahira Maharjan

  sahirasaira sahira-maharjan-a-7 shaira

Sponsor: Linn Ramsell. Sahira lives with her parents, her elder brother and her grandfather in Panga. She was born 1999. She studies in the Creative Academy. She has improved a lot in her English after joining Creative Academy. She shifted to this school after her sponsorship. Actually, Kristina Ramsell – Sahira’s sponsor read the article about Nepal Education and the sponsoring program, in a Swedish magazine – Allers. Kristina got really interested in this program and contacted Pi-Charlotte and Svante Strindberg. She wanted to sponsor a girl in Nepal who is same age as her granddaughter Linn. So Sahira was chosen for this sponsorship. Kristina’s granddaughter Linn and Sahira are now long distance friends. Sahira loves playing with her friends, studying story books and watching television. She aims at being a nurse. She says that she will be very happy if she gets a chance to see and meet her friend Linn from Sweden.



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