Sapana Darji


Sponsor: Alexander Qvennerstedt. Sapana was born 1997 and is now at Nepal Law Campus in Kathmandu.

From Sapana Darji, october 2019
Sapana after the Advanced course:My life is totally changed after basic course of Landmark Forum training but again I was afraid to talk with unknown people or even I don’t have power to deal the problem arises in my family and friends so that I took participate in Landmark Advance course and from the Advance course what I got is that now I am connected with everyone one and have power to deal problem arises in my family, friends by sharing my real things, for example my brother and I was good friends, we share everything  and nowadays we even didn’t talked with each other but after the Landmark Advance course I got that power to deal with my brother and share my real feeling to him that how much I am sad when he didn’t talk with me and how much I am angry when he scold me? Then he said sorry to me  and now I can creat new possibility with my brother by expressing my feelings and by understanding his feelings also. Now I got power to create  new possibilities in my life as well as in my family, with friends and with relatives.
Sapana Darji

From Sapana, august 2019:
I acknowledge Nepaleducation for giving me the golden opportunity to
participate in the Landmark Forum training. Before the Landmark Forum
training I was literally afraid while selfexpress about my caste, family
condition to other people because I was afraid they might leave me. I have
no confidence while doing presentation my legs, hands were shacking even
my voice was not so clear. And in my mind there always running sounds with
complaining people for not listening to me, afraid to tell the truth and always
pretend to them that I am good to everyone but in reality I was so sad,
unhappy, unsatisfied 😔
After the Landmark Forum training, what I got was that I can easily express
myself to the people without fear of losing people. I have power to speak
confidently in front of my class room, with unknown people, also with having
eye contact, clear voice. I got power to show the real me . And now there is
no small voice running around my mind so what I created for myself and my
life is the possibilities of being happy, satisfied, relived and proud.


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