Sarishma Basnet

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From Sarishma:

Respected sir , madam
                 With due most respect and humble submission, I would like to show my gratitude and thankfulness to the organization for rendering me with economical support for developing my career and proceed my education. I, along with my family members, extend our heartfelt gratitude and respect for understanding our condition and supporting us throughout these years. I would never achieve what I have achieved today if it was not your organization.
                   We were going through a very tough time. My father, he wasn’t in our favor and mother had zero income source. Later she found a sound job which was some how helpful but wasn’t enough for living. At a stage of life, my mother tried giving up her life. By the grace of God she’s perfectly fine till date.
                     After the incident, my mother thought of shifting me into government school from one of the top school of Kritipur (Creative Academy) due to poor economical condition. Sumitra Giri madam, In the image of God helped me to be a family  member of Nepal education’s sponsorship program which would help me to continue my studies on the same reputed school. I feel very lucky. Under Nepal education’s supervision I’ve completed my school’s and high school’s education from a reputed school and college of the nation.
                       After the completion of high school, I had a sound base in English speaking due to which I got a job in an Australian IT Company in a post of customer service representative. With the job I took my studies simultaneously . After wards on my free time I thought of developing my skill regarding parlour. Then, I thought of starting my own small business listening to what my heart says and now I’m happy with what I earn.
                I’ve grabbed all the good opportunity that would help me to improve and multiply my knowledge. Likewise, I got an opportunity for the TOT(Trainers of trainee) training on the topic ”Life Skill Development” that was provided by WVIN(World Vision International Nepal) and CDS(Child development society).Now as a trainer I also giving life skill training to children on weekends. I still have to go long and will never give up.
                            Saying this, I would like to ensure you that your valuable finance and thoughtful contributions has not and will not go in vain. I promise not to disappoint you with any of the matters at all.
Once again, thank you so much for being there, to help needy people like us. You truly are serving our nation amazingly. We are blessed to have you, with us, for us.
With Regards,
Sarishma Basnet


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